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The mental and emotional side of sports injuries: An interview with Dr. Erin Shannon

A Shannon Helps A Buck- When Joe Buck had a paralyzed vocal chord, he turned to the daughter of Mike Shannon

Dr. Shannon demonstrates the energy medicine technics she used to treat Joe Buck during the 2011 World Series campaign. These healing methods assisted Joe's paralyzed vocal cords to move again and allowed his voice to be restored to award winning form. Joe buck and Dr. Shannon have been life long friends as their fathers ( Jack Buck and Mike Shannon) worked together in St. Louis Cardinal baseball broadcasting. Joe is a nationally known broadcaster and radio and television personality and a wonderful member of the St. Louis community, a personal friend, great father and husband. A big thanks to Joe for his support and for increasing the public awareness of energy medicine education

The mental and emotional side of sports injuries: An interview with Dr. Erin Shannon


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with the tapping solution's nick Ortner and Hayhouse president Reid Tracy

"With the tapping solution's nick Ortner and Hayhouse president Reid Tracy"

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