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When it comes to professional athletics, Dr. Erin Shannon's goal is to get you into the ultimate peak performance state (FLOW) and keep you there. Professional sports is a production business. As a professional athlete, you must show up every single day and be consistently performing at the highest level possible. If you want to stay in the game you must learn how to increase that performance in the face of adversity, injury, or aging, or you will get beat by the next man up. Dr. Shannon job is to give you that razor's edge, that elusive one percent, that can make all the difference in the world to your performance, team, longevity, goals, comeback, and legacy. You will work together toward a real understanding of your current situation and the resolution of challenges in your life both on and off the field, court, or ice.

Dr. Erin Shannon has athletics in her blood. Her upbringing as the daughter of legendary St. Louis Cardinal baseball player and longtime voice of the Cardinals, Mike Shannon, gives her a unique lifelong knowledge and insight into the lifestyle and challenges that accompany professional athletics that is impossible to teach but essential for optimal results. From growing up in locker rooms, traveling with professional teams, and eating at training tables, the lifestyle of professional athletes has always been Dr. Shannon's "normal". Being the child of a professional athlete, the wife of an NFL coach, the doctor on the sidelines and club houses of all four major leagues and the mother of young athletes, Dr. Shannon understands and lives the strenuous and extensive schedule that comes with professional sports.  

The extensive education and unique clinical profession Dr. Shannon pursued after her athletic career ended due to serious injury,  enables her to offer a one-of-a-kind comprehensive and an extremely unique menu of support options, services, and assistance to athletes and their families while ensuring ABSOLUTE privacy and security.  Dr. Shannon acknowledges and has experienced the complexities of trust, privacy, and protection for athletes and their loved ones. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to Dr. Shannon because she has witnessed first hand the devastating results of private information being broadcasted and trust being violated, monies lost, and careers ruined. She has sworn herself to protect her clients above all else! Without a solid basis of trust, genuine healing can not occur. Dr. Shannon's professional athlete clients often describe their work together as the only time they have experienced true freedom to completely open up and let go, allowing them to harness ALL their energy consciously with massive results. In the sport industry, it is often considered the kiss of death to show any kind of "weakness". Dr. Shannon's office is a place where these perceived weakness and challenges can be released and transformed into strengths. This healing is essential to rapidly shift from struggle to strength. There is no fear of repercussions. In the professional sports industry, the feeling of complete and absolute trust is so unique, if not impossible. For many athletes who function under the constant scrutiny and pressures of the industry, this level of trust is not only a relief, but a sacred gift. With this trust, nothing is impossible and Dr. Shannon has proven over years of work that it is the bedrock of champions who appear to effortlessly release, master, and transmute "weaknesses" into strengths, leaving you BULLETPROOF.

Because of her lifestyle and understanding of the chaos that comes with professional sports, Dr. Shannon also recognizes the limitations that come with the daily grind of being a pro athlete. She knows that professional athletes do not keep bankers hours. Dr. Shannon offers a very unique flexible concierge practice with 24 Hour private phone access for all athlete clients. This is quite typical of Dr. Erin Shannon's practice and is unheard of elsewhere among psychologists, coaches, specialists, and practitioners, who do not understand the immediacy of addressing critical issues quickly and succinctly. Dr. Shannon has a complete understanding of the nearly inhuman intensity, levels of stress and anxiety pre and post game, or the amount of road travel and hours of operation that professional teams keep and the ensuing stress that it puts on the family unit.

When you enter Dr. Shannon's office, you will soon find that it is far from a traditional clinical psychology office. The integration of Eastern and Western techniques are the key to real and lasting healing. It is the key for freedom from things like anxiety, pain, and depression that people are so often told they must "learn to live with".  Dr. Shannon's unique skillset has made her renowned in career ending and troublesome issues, such as slumping and yips. Unlike traditional clinical psychology, Dr. Shannon is not interested in treatment. She is interested in RESOLUTIONS and CURES. She will go beyond fixing what is wrong, also enhancing your strengths, allowing you to optimize your energy and perform better than you ever have! She is here to make you go from SURVIVE to THRIVE, and guide you to finally living a joyful and peaceful life without burdens or limitations.

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